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Molecular Pathlabs is a private diagnostic lab focused on molecular testing. We are ISO 9001: 15189 certified, NABL accredited, ICMR approved laboratory for Covid-19 RT PCR and Antigen. We are happy to announce that we have started a wide array of Infectious disease panels to identify the genes of the causative organism of the infectious diseases. Our state-of-the-art laboratory facility is spread over 3500 sq.

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We provide the highest quality molecular, Clinical Pathology, Allergy Testing so that clinicians can provide the best care to patients.

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    Welcome to Molecular Pathlabs Cost Effective Timely Accessible Accurate diagnostic information

    Molecular Pathlabs is a private diagnostic lab focused on Cost-Effective, Timely, Accessible, And Accurate diagnostic information. We are ISO 9001: 15189 certified, NABL accredited, ICMR approved laboratory for Covid-19 RT PCR and  H1N1 testing.

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    Superior, Cost-effective Molecular Laboratory Testing



    The Mission of Molecular Pathlabs LLP is to provide Superior, Cost-effective Molecular laboratory testing and impart excellent customer service in an environment that promotes compassionate care and complete recovery of patients.



    Our vision is to be a premier healthcare partner of choice within Molecular diagnostics by integrating a value-based system and world-class technology to provide Cost-Effective, Timely, Accessible, And Accurate diagnostic information to...


    We have a wide array of Health Packages

    Basic Care

    MRP 1500/- OFFER: 799/-
    44 TESTS

    Crucial Care Health Screening

    MRP 1999/- OFFER: 999/-
    58 TESTS
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    We have started a wide array of Infectious disease panels

    Flu Panel

    Influenza A,B,H1N1, RSV, H3N2, CoVid 19

    Viral Respiratory Syndromic Panel

    Influenza A,B,H1N1, RSV, H3N2, CoVid 19,

    Bacterial Respiratory Syndromic Panel

    Strepto, H influenza & type B, Staph aureus,

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    We are well equipped with automated equipment like Real-Time PCR, DNA/RNA Extraction Systems, Biochemistry Analyser Coagulation Analyser, Electrolyte Analyser, Urine Analyser and Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyser.

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    Molecular Pathlabs in Thane offers a range of diagnostic tests to aid in the diagnosis and management of various diseases. The laboratory specializes in testing for infectious diseases such as swine flu, H1N1, H3N2, and influenza. They also provide TB testing and a range of blood tests including CBC, glucose, and sugar tests. Molecular Pathlabs is equipped with advanced technology, including the RT-PCR test, which enables the detection of viral RNA in a patient’s sample. The laboratory is staffed with experienced professionals who ensure accurate and timely results. Molecular Pathlabs is a trusted name in diagnostic testing and is committed to providing high-quality services to patients in Thane.

    Looking for Swine Flu (H1N1) testing in Thane?

    Why should I avail H1N1 Test? If you suspect that you have been exposed to H1N1 influenza or are experiencing symptoms of the flu, it is important to get tested as soon as possible. One of the most reliable tests available for detecting H1N1 influenza is the H1N1 RT-PCR test, which is available at Molecular Pathlabs located in Thane. Getting tested for H1N1 influenza at the earliest signs of illness can help prevent the spread of the virus and improve your chances of recovery. Early detection can also help your healthcare provider determine the best course of treatment for your symptoms.

    How long will the results take?

    You will receive your reports within 12 Hrs of sample collection.

    What is the process for the sample collection?

    Before you book the test, it is important to follow the instructions provided by your healthcare provider. You may be asked to refrain from eating or drinking for a certain period before the test, as well as to avoid certain medications that could interfere with the results. As soon as the order is placed with us, our team will reach out to you on your registered number (please ensure your phone is reachable) to confirm the order. Kindly mention all the clinical symptoms. Once you connect with our team members, our highly professional, trained, and vaccinated representative would be at your doorstep at the slot booked by you to collect the sample. The lab staff will provide you with a sterile swab, which they will insert into your throat or nose and rotate to collect a sample of your respiratory secretions.

    What time should I take this test?

    Any time of the day (After 2 Hrs of meal).

    Any precautions to be taken prior to the test?