Why should I avail this check up?

Allergy testing helps identify if a person is allergic to any specific food and environment allergens. We perform allergy tests for300 allergens (including food and environmental allergens). Allergy testing is an umbrella term used for a series of tests that can determine the kind of allergy you might be suffering from and what might have caused it. Studies have shown that untreated allergies can contribute to a plethora of chronic illnesses, including asthma, sinus infections, upper respiratory infections, ear infections, and general susceptibility to illness. Get yourself tested for all possible allergens and keep yourself in good health.

How long will the results take?

You will receive your reports within 24 Hrs of sample collection.

What is the process for the sample collection?

As soon as the order is placed with us, our team will reach out to you on your registered number (please ensure your phone is reachable) to confirm the order. Kindly mention all the clinical symptoms. Once you connect with our team members, our highly professional, trained, and vaccinated representative would be at your doorstep at the slot booked by you to collect 2ml of whole blood by single venipuncture.

What time should I take this test?

Any time of the day!

Any precautions to be taken prior to the test?